The Bulb Garden - winter issue

Marguerite English
Tue, 10 Mar 2009 11:40:11 PDT
The overseas copies of the winter issue were mailed today, with the 
domestic copies soon to follow.    I apologize for our tardiness, but 
know that you will enjoy the contents.  Folks who have not rejoined will 
still receive this issue, but the spring issue is almost ready to go, 
and it will be sent only to current PBS members.   If you have not 
rejoined yet this year, please do so soon.   

As always, I want to take this opportunity to request articles from 
forum members.   The editorial staff is striving to provide a readable 
gardening magazine that focuses on the plants we all love, but our 
authors are the real heroes of the day!   Let them know you like their 
articles, and check out the web sites of those who sell what they write 
about.  And please consider writing one or more articles.  E-mail me 
privately for more information.     Marguerite

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