Some frits are waking up

Alberto Castillo
Tue, 03 Mar 2009 05:35:19 PST
Hi all: 


        Since there are so many of us in this List from the four corners of the world, it would be invaluable if some of you include images of the materials you mention. Most probably, the same materials are available everywhere but there is always the doubt if you are referring to this or that. Not only for fabrics, plastics, etc. but also pumice grades, and mix ingredients marketed under local commercial names. 


Many thanks


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> Adam wrote,
> >Re styrofoam sheets for putting over plants to protect them.:may be cheaper
> >at Home Depot than at a Garden Center.
> The "microfoam" I wrote about is not the same as "styrofoam." 
> Microfoam is a very thin, light, flexible product that comes in big rolls.
> Jane McGary
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