Bx 199 Arisaema angustatum 'Best Tophat'

Roy Herold rherold@yahoo.com
Sat, 21 Mar 2009 14:15:56 PDT

If you follow all of the keys in Gusman's book, this actually turns out 
to be a form of Arisaema serratum, either var. serratum or type 
'angustatum'. I have retained the Arisaema angustatum name at the 
request of Darrell Probst, as this was the ID when it was originally 

I can assure you that it is NOT A. consanguineum, which is another 
worthy plant for the garden. Tophat has leaves in a horseshoe shape, as 
opposed to the radial leaflets of consanguineum.

I'm working on getting some pics of Tophat up on the wiki, and will 
probably file them under serratum just to avoid confusion.


Paul Licht wrote:
> The seeds from Roy Herold named Arisaema angustatum 'Best Tophat' sent 
> me to the Guzman's 'The Genus Arisaema' because I didn't recognize the 
> species. Indeed, it is a synonym for many others but evidently not 
> recognized as one. I assume by the many leaflets described that it is a 
> form of A. consanguineum. This is indeed a prolific and hardy plant in 
> our Bay Area gardens.

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