An Introduction and A Japanese Iris Seed Question
Sat, 28 Mar 2009 15:52:47 PDT
Dear Mary Sue,

Thank you again for all the trouble you have gone to on my behalf. Please 
relay my thanks to everyone who took the time to welcome a stranger to the 
list. A special thank you goes to both Mr. James Waddick and Mr. J.E. 
Shields. The information the two gave me was exactly what I needed. I must 
go running off now--I have to go hit a garden supply store before it closes 
at 5 today--I need to buy lots of peat pots.

Take care,

Anita Clyburn

PS----a bio:///Anita/ Clyburn is a plump but harmless lunatic in zone 5B with 
two acres of clay and clearly too much unsupervised time on her hands. She 
amused her neighbors when she planted two southern magnolias and lots of 
rhododendrons but she became the scandal of Vigo county when she spent much 
of January one year outside and on the ground planting hundreds of 
daffodils--of which R's Early Sensation, Ice Follies, and Jet Fire are 
currently in full bloom. She's now currently engaged in a struggle to 
develop a curved flowerbed as long as her house!

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