Pacific BX 192 - Oxalis results

James Waddick
Thu, 12 Mar 2009 14:13:00 PDT
Dear Friends,
	On 11/22/08 the BX offered three species of Oxalis from 
Alberto Castillo.
	There was a discussions right after that about how to treat 
these winter growers and when they'd grow and bloom.

	I planted immediately mine on arrival a week or so later.  It 
was suggested they should be up in a month or two. Now three months 

	O. gracilis has been up for around a month - Early Dec 
planting to Early February (2 months)
	O. purpurea took another 2 weeks (2 1/2 months)
	O. comressa is just showing the first sign of life at just 
over 3 months.

	At this stage The earliest corms of O. gracilis are fully 
expanded and in good growth, while O. purpurea are still looking "in 

	I do keep my greenhouse a bit cooler than most, but above 
freezing and we have shorter day length here in winter. I am glad to 
see that they have all emerged and nearly all corms so far. I don't 
expect to see any bloom this season, but after a good bit of growth 
hopefully next winter they'll return to normal growth and reward me 
with some flowers.

	Just FYI here's the BX info:

18. Oxalis gracilis (W). This is a shortish form, compact, and extremely
floriferous, we have it in flower for four months or more in winter. Full
sun and gritty soil.

19. Oxalis purpurea 'Garnet' (W). This is the deepest purplish form of this
species, spectacular. Full sun and gritty soil. Recently mentioned in the
PBS forum as one of the most striking of all.

20. Oxalis compressa, double form (W). Apparently this form is unknown in
the States. Flowers are very double, yellow with faint terracotta back to
the petals, on tall stems. The foliage is compact, ground hugging and
attractive. Some forms have a black center that makes them very striking.
Most plants produce plain green leaves as the character of black center is
recessive, but of course, from offsets they prove true to the variety. Both
forms are here, in mix.

	Anyone else have growth yet	?		Best and 
thanks Alberto and Dell		Jim W.

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