Fertiliser-mushroom compost

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You're absolutely right, Jim.--re fungi, and also for bacteria, and also for poisons.  The trouble is that most people are so ignorant of what constitutes a poison, they are unaware of the dosage issue which is critical.  Galen noted that issue of dosage  way back in about 150 AD or so.  If you drink enough of it-- water can kill you.    Asbestos can kill you if you breathe it but it is not a poison, it kills you by clogging your lungs, or triggering a beginning cancer.  We've gotten very careless in our use of words

Nicotine is a poison and a very dangerous one, but it's not that particularly that, that kills you in cigarettes, it's the particulate matter that clogs your lungs, leads to emphysema, and all the other irritants that eventually lead to COPD.

 Your information about keeping tulip bulbs in mushroom compost is a great tip.  And if you think about it, not counter-intuitive at all.  How is it different from keeping them underground, au naturel.? 

Gotta use more horse manure this year.   

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