Cutworms (was Re: popweed and what's blooming)

Ellen Hornig
Wed, 04 Mar 2009 13:58:16 PST
But....but...they writhe around your finger when you pick them....ewwww.

However, as Roger says, they're totally harmless (to you).  Just icky. Ugly, 
too. :-)


Ellen Hornig
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> That damage may be due to climbing cutworms. Slugs only nibble, but the
> cutworms are voracious critters that leave erythronium leaves, among 
> others,
> looking like someone has torn great chunks out of them.
> .................
> Ugly gray, rather hard to spot until you get the knack. No biting or 
> stinging
> parts, so you can pick them bare-handed.

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