native North American Lilium

aaron floden
Wed, 04 Mar 2009 09:40:22 PST
 I am in the area of many of the eastern species; canadense, grayi, michauxii, and superbum. In my parents garden in Kansas I have several clones of michiganense, but I never have seen a single capsule form on these. I have seen many colonies of L. canadense and L. michauxii, and L. superbum is almost weedy in some areas. I don't currently have see of any of these.

 See here;…
for the sole collection of Lilium from Mexico. If you have access to older Madrono, the published report of this population is in there.

 All the best, 

 East Tennessee

--- On Wed, 3/4/09, <> wrote:
 such as LL. catesbaei, iridollae and michauxii without any representation, and
LL michiganense and canadense with poor representation.

Finally, can anyone confirm, or otherwise, whether any species lilies are found
growing in nature in the north western regions of the Mexican hill and coastal
country, or indeed anywhere else in Mexico?

Many thanks,  Iain

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