popweed and what's blooming

Laura & Dave toadlily@olywa.net
Tue, 03 Mar 2009 21:00:03 PST
One thing that makes weeding this easier; it's edible, and actually 
tasty!  While getting some fresh air, and cleaning up the garden, I get 
some good Spring greens too!

There are supposedly six species of Galanthus blooming at the moment, 
and I'm finally beginning to be able to see the differences, now that I 
can actually compare them.  Of course, they are all cute, even the ones 
that I now think are mislabeled!  One of my favorite plants, Helleborus 
purpurea has been in flower for nearly a month; the flowers start small 
and short, and slowly enlarge in both height and size; the leaves emerge 
later.  I love the soft rose/mauve color.  Several strains of Cyclamen 
coum are dotted about, adding a touch of color.  In the window box are 
C. pseudibericum and creticum, both first time flowering sowings.  Also 
several species of Crocus (asumaniae (over), tommasinianus (now), malyi 
(now), heuffelianus (now and WOW), etruscus (accidentily forced), 
angustifolius (accidentily forced ), many from PBS seed.  Thanks again 
to all the people who donated the seed!  The Ypsilandra thibetica is 
also blooming; not really a bulb, but if you run across one, you should 
take it homej.  There are many things up with buds showing, so Spring is 
close!  Got to go slug hunting now, for the one that ate half the leaves 
on my one flowering size Erythronium hendersonii ... arrrgggghhhh!

Dave Brastow - Tumwater, Washington

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