Thanks for coming and What shall we do now?

Wed, 18 Mar 2009 16:14:45 PDT
Congratulations Jane on your new role as President, I wish I was able to
attend the cocktail party, Saturday and meet the other members, but I knew
that I still needed to pay membership ( I've been a lurker for years and
paid a few times, but being from the east, it seemed as if I would not get
much...clearly I am wrong! And now, as I am swimming in many South African
bulbs, I will need to share some with the group, so I will join, assuming I
can join online - will go check now.

I met a few members at the NARGS meeting, including you Jane, finally, which
was very nice ( even though you told me that you did not know me), at least
I am familiar with your name and books, and it was an honor to meet some
other members too.

Best regards from a New England which is slowly becoming more springlike and
with a Tropeaeolum azureum in full bloom in the greenhouse.....finally after
four years of no growth, and with a tag that had read 'T. Tricolor", I am


Matt Mattus

On 3/16/09 5:43 PM, "Jane McGary" <> wrote:

> I'd like to thank the surprisingly large number of PBS members who
> traveled to the NARGS Western Winter Study Weekend, including some
> such as Dell Sherk who came all the way from the Atlantic states. We
> had a pleasant chat session Saturday evening and enjoyed plenty of
> bulb information in the talks, including a splendid presentation on
> growing bulbs from seed and in containers by Ian Young, and John
> Lonsdale's inspiring and amusing saga of how he became a "proper"
> (outdoor) gardener in America after doing the alpine-house bit in
> England. Both these talks should get a lot more of the audience
> growing their geophytes from seed, although there was some untoward
> laughter when remarks such as "five years from sowing to flowering" were
> heard.
> Thank you, too, to the 20 or 30 people who braved the awful weather
> Sunday to drive out to my place and stand in the rain and, briefly,
> hail, to look at the bulbs even though they were a month behind
> schedule. I wish I had had time to visit with everybody at length and
> felt that I was being inconsiderate to almost everyone I started
> talking with, because there was always some organizational matter to
> rush off to, or some urgent question to answer. We do need to get
> together more!
> I accepted the position of PBS president with the warning that I
> wouldn't be able to do much until this meeting was over. Now I'm
> going to ask people for input so I can formulate some proposals for
> more activities we could offer our members. One that seems likely is
> small-group tours in different parts of the country, to see bulbs in
> flower in the wild and/or to visit gardens and nurseries with notable
> bulb collections. A couple of people suggested modeling these on the
> outings of the Penstemon Society, in which people car-pool rather
> than trying to hire vans or buses. I think this is the way the SIGNA
> outings for Pacific Coast irises are done also? I suggested northern
> California/southern Oregon as a good place to see lots of wild bulb
> species in spring, although the flowering season is very long because
> of elevational differences. The Central Coast Ranges in California
> might be another good venue, or perhaps the Sierra Nevada foothills
> from the Mother Lode country south. I expect a trillium tour in the
> US Southeast would be fun, too! And if it ever rains again in
> northern Chile, that would be super though rather expensive.
> Let's discuss some ideas here, and I'll make up an agenda for
> discussion at our next board meeting.
> With best wishes,
> Jane McGary
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