Fertiliser-mushroom compost

Mark Mazer markmazerandfm13@earthlink.net
Sun, 29 Mar 2009 14:43:10 PDT
>I've read the best place to get your horse manure  is at a race stable.  
>The thoroughbreds eat like the rich and famous so it makes sense that 
>what comes out the back end is equally rich. 

You are going to want to be careful using horse manure as it can have larvicides and other pharmaceutical's in it. Most are destroyed by proper composting, but there have been reports of high levels of both larvacides and one particular type of herbicide (name escapes me at this time) in composted horse manure.  I never use the stuff on my edibles anymore.

I'm using small amounts of poultry litter from the farm next door.  It is tested yearly for the row crop farmers that use it on the fields.

Mark Mazer
Hertford, North Carolina USA

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