Some frits are waking up

Jim McKenney
Sun, 01 Mar 2009 10:30:59 PST
Things are happening quickly on the Fritillaria front in one of the
unprotected cold frames.  I can now count flower buds on two frits: F.
raddeana (this will be the fourth time it has bloomed here) and F.
orientalis. The Fritillaria raddeana is about an inch and a half out of the
ground. As in the past, as soon as the sprout emerges, the tuft of foliage
opens up to expose the nest of flower buds.  
Fritillaria bucharica is about three inches out of the ground, but it is not
yet showing flower buds. 
Another early riser, F. stenanthera, has yet to emerge. An investigative
finger found a nice fat sprout on the way up. 
I have some doubts about the Fritillaria oreintalis - I'm not sure that's
really what it is. We'll soon see. 
In the same frame, reticulate irises are just starting to open and various
early crocuses are in full bloom.  

Jim McKenney
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