Odd Hemerocallis question.

P. C. Andrews pcamusa@hotmail.com
Sun, 10 May 2009 14:53:16 PDT

Last Spring I ran across a clump of bright yellow hemerocallis in a boggy area near what was once a homestead.  The odd thing about this clump was that many (but not all) of the flower stalks were curved strongly downwards with the flowers pointing down to the ground.  The pendant effect was quite nice.  There was no overt sign of disease and the plants seemed very healthy.
Could this effect be due to herbicide run-off?  Could it be weather related- although I've not seen this in any other hemerocallis. 
On the other hand, I thought I remembered reading somewhere (perhaps here) that one older hemerocallis did exhibit this effect.  I've searched and can't find the reference so perhaps I dreamed it.
In any event, I hiked out there today and the flower stalks are about 6 inches high already.  I'll know if the effect repeats in a couple of weeks.

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