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Cynthia Mueller
Mon, 25 May 2009 06:04:23 PDT
Hello, William....thanks for your response.  I don't know whether or not you collect hippeastrums, but if you do you may have seen all the wonderful hybrids in Veronica Read's fairly recent book.  However, there are only about 20 cultivars available in the US on the web at the proper time of the year, and even fewer available at garden centers - many of those touted in glossy illustrations on the subject are just not here for the individual purchaser.
The problem is that wholesalers - the Dutch, South Africans, and Japanese - only send rarer items in bulk to suppliers in the US who may have contacts with high-dollar garden centers, etc.  The individual can't go to the local box stores or local garden centers and purchase these.  So it would be wonderful to be able to combine an order that would amount to a wholesale order and then divvy up.
I wish you would write a little piece for the Pacific Bulb Society or IBS about how to get your import certificates, etc.  I would really like to know how to get seeds of amaryllids from such places as South America.  Thanks for your interest, Cynthia Mueller

>>> William Aley <> 5/25/2009 7:36 AM >>>
Hi Cynthia,
If you'd like any advice or help with import permits,CITES,  
phytosanitary certificates, National Plant Protection Organizations or  
information pertaining to the import process please drop me a line. I  
may have some insight.

On May 25, 2009, at 8:28 AM, Cynthia Mueller wrote:

>>>> Jane McGary wrote, ...One of the topics discussed at today's  
>>>> Board meeting was the
> possibility of organizing group bulb orders so that U.S. members
> could obtain bulbs from foreign suppliers at wholesale prices and
> with a minimum of expense for CITES and phyto certificates, shipping,
> and other costs. ...
> I'm sure there are other hippeastrum enthusiasts out there besides  
> me who would be interested in group orders of hipps from Dutch,  
> South African or Japanese wholesalers.  It's still quite difficult  
> to get the more unusual sorts commercially.  I look forward to  
> hearing how this will take shape.  Thanks, Cynthia Mueller, College  
> Station, TX
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