Suggesting use of a Forum was RE: People - please do not reply to "everyone".

Justin Smith
Sat, 30 May 2009 09:36:36 PDT
Hi everyone,


what was said:


> Subject: [pbs] People - please do not reply to "everyone".
> People - please be more courteous & careful.
> Do not reply to "everyone".
> I am getting sick of getting all this mail!!!
> When it says please email me PRIVATELY at <>.
> please could you email them PRIVATELY.
> Thank you.


I know everyone does not like this accidental use of the PBS bounce or email that is 5,000 lines long. 


 I would like to suggest the use of a Forum to replace much of the email discussions. Being new to PBS I don't know if a forum has been tried or not. Leaving the PBS bounce for more important information to be passed on. 


We could use one of the free hosting sites for a trial run. Then decide after a bit if it is a viable alternative. 


There are many people who only read and do not participate in discussions and I think that is not good. Lets face it, it is a bit intimidating for someone who has no technical or scientific knowledge of bulbs and blooms to send out an email to be read by very knowledgeable people. I dare say everyone has at least some little bit of knowledge gained through experience that would be of interest to all.


We are an organization of hundreds (thousands? i dunno) of people but yet it is only 8 or 9 people doing most of the sharing of knowledge. 


Justin Smith

Woodville, TX 8b/9a



Oh Alberto, if you read this let me know if you want a pic of Alophia drummondii blooming in situ. 

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