Lee Poulsen
Thu, 21 May 2009 15:34:29 PDT wrote:
> I? have some Paramongaia grown from seed, though they are still too young to flower. This plant is a strict winter grower, when I worked at the NYBG I grew it with Cape bulbs in a cool greenhouse.? It will not remain green over summer, allow seedlings to go dormant, they will reemerge in the fall.? It is not a fussy plant, surprisingly, just think of it as a daffodil on steroids.? It appreciates good soil and fertilizer when in growth, but wants to be bone dry during its dormancy.

There are two strains of Paramongaia weberbaueri. The one from the 
coast, which is the type I have, is just as Ernie describes. I grow it 
just like my Cape bulbs and treat it the same way. It does very well in 
this climate. (However, I have to warn people that if you grow it 
outside during the winter in mild climates, it does not like any frost 
on its leaves, so I grow mine near the house or under some protection 
against night time radiation freezes.)

The other strain is from the Andes (I think around 10,000ft/3000 m 
elev.) and its growing season is shifted from the coastal strain. I have 
been told that it doesn't leaf out until late winter/early spring and 
doesn't go dormant until the latter half of the summer, and that it 
doesn't like winter rains while it is still dormant and the temperatures 
are chilly.

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena, California, USDA Zone 10a

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