Brunsvigia namaquana

Tomas Sandberg
Sun, 03 May 2009 06:36:25 PDT

I have one bulb of Brunsvigia namaquana for trade the bulb was  
purchased 1 of Sep -2008 for approx. 82 USD + shipping  the size is 5  
cm (cirumstance) so this one is really expensive and probably rare.
I have to give priority to other species that are easier for me to  
grow and because of lack of space!

I have never succeded with the Ammocharis, we live in an apartment and  
I think the light is too weak for this species (indeed all of  
Ammocharis) inside our apartment, better to trade with someone able to  
offer better conditions and get it in bloom.

1 bulb of Ammocharis tinneana size in circumstance approx. 7 cm

Fresh seeds of Caliphruria korsakoffi one of two capsules opened up  
today, with 10 seeds, the other one will open up soon.

If you are interested please contact me privately for further  

Best regards
Tomas S

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