Haemanthus deformis

Gregg DeChirico cj5sfo@yahoo.com
Mon, 04 May 2009 19:08:20 PDT
My largest Haemanthus deformis is in a 14 in (35cm) diameter bowl about 6 in (15cm) deep.  This year both leaves have overgrown the rim to where they lay flat on the table. It is nearly 20in (50cm) tip to tip. Each leaf at its widest is 12 in (30cm).  Below are links to some photos from last year when the leaves were not nearly as lush and perfect as this year; the photos do not do it justice. It flowers regularly every year. It is one of my favorite plants- it came from Ernesto Sandoval at UC Davis.

Gregg DeChirico
Santa Barbara, California

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Somewhere, I have a picture of one in a large diameter pot.



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