Calochortus kennedyi

Jane McGary
Fri, 01 May 2009 13:26:31 PDT
Mary Sue wrote
>A friend of mine sent me some pictures of Calochortus kennedyi taken this
>month. I didn't know it bloomed that early. Even though we had it pictured
>on the wiki, she had some interesting habitat pictures so I asked her if I
>could add them to the wiki and she agreed. This is a very difficult
>Calochortus to grow and flower I understand as I've never tried to do it,
>but it is really beautiful.

It does seem strange that it would flower this early, as it is a 
high-elevation species from the Southwest. I grow it here, where it 
flowered for the first time last year. I got the seeds from Sally 
Walker (Southwest Native Seeds -- don't bother looking for a 
website!). I was happy to see that the form I grew is the deep, 
brilliant orange one, as there is also a yellow form that would not 
be so spectacular.

I grow it in a large clay pot plunged in the bulb frame and it is not 
totally dry in summer, but nearly so.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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