Topic of the Week

Jane McGary
Sun, 24 May 2009 11:15:20 PDT
This forum used to have a feature called "Topic of the Week." It was 
proposed by a volunteer, who either wrote up a specific topic or 
found some other expert to do it. The volunteer presented a list of 
topics ahead of time in the hope that such experts would step up and 
introduce the topics. Once the introductory post appeared, people 
discussed it in depth.

Our hard-working wiki manager, Mary Sue Ittner, would like to restart 
this feature. Can we have a volunteer to post a proposed list of 
topics for, say, the next 12 weeks?

If I weren't swamped with work just now I'd do it, but it's 11 am and 
I have 8 hours of editing ahead of me.

Please get in touch about this!

Jane McGary

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