: Scilla natalensis in flower

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Hello all,

A long time since I posted something on the forum.

I purchased my S. natalensis in April 2007. The plant was transfered from container to its actual spot, a south facing mixed bed were I also grow botanic species of Iris, Tulipa and Allium, Scilla, Sedum and Dianthus, in May 2007. The soil is well drained. The plant bloomed for the first time this year and the inflorescence is about 50 centimeters high. Compared to last year I must say we have had a much milder and wet fall, winter and spring. It should also be noted that the plant was fully covered by snow for a full week in January.

Luc, zone 8b, South East France

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Sir Peter Smithers used to grow and flower this plant in containers. I have 
ne expanded to many growing in a container that has bloomed for a number 
f years now and a couple planted in the ground that have yet to bloom.  I 
now they flower them well at the UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley in the 
round. I tend to garden on the dry side in summer however when we don't 
ave any rainfall and it is a summer rainfall plant. So it's possible that 
t is happier growing in a container where there is better attention to its 
eeds than in the dry ground.  And it probably would be happier still in 
he ground with re
gular summer water.
So Boyce you still may have luck with your container grown  plants. Mine 
tay outside year round, but somewhat sheltered from our rain. Maybe your 
nside one wants cooler temperatures or a range of temperatures? Still if 
ou can grow it in the ground, it's certainly easier.
Mary Sue
>For years I coddled the Scilla in containers indoors in anticipation of
spikes with dozens of flowers; then a post came through PBS that
mentioned that they never bloomed in containers.
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