Stephen Putman
Thu, 21 May 2009 09:03:30 PDT
I have had a plant of P. weberbaueri for some years now.  It flowered a 
twice when I first got it and not again until this year.  Much to my 
astonishment it also produced a full seedpod.  I planted some of these 
at the end of March, and got about 60% germination, so now have a few 
rather strong growing seedlings.  I have a bit more seed.

1. If anyone has experience with growing this from seed, I'd be 
interested in knowing if my seedlings are likely to either grow on 
through the summer, or go dormant and have a risky chance of reappearing 
next fall.  Other cultivation issues would be interesting to hear about 

2.  I am planning to start another small pot of seedlings today, and 
maybe save a few more for a later attempt.  This will still leave me 
with some extra (not a lot) seed.

3.  Anybody who has something interesting to trade and who is willing do 
do so with the understanding that I cannot guarantee the viability of 
this seed should contact me off list and soon.

Steve Putman

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