Justin Smith
Sun, 17 May 2009 20:07:31 PDT
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 > Subject: [pbs] Isophysis
> Dear Justin
> Where and how did you germinate your Isophysis from? I have had very little luck with the few seeds I have been able to try.
> It's been one of my "horticultural holy grail" for some time now.
> As I am sure is no suprise it is an interesting and botanically odd plant
> Marc


Marc I got my seeds from ebay. I got 2 or 3 packs of seed. I don't recall exactly how many was in a pack. I did moist/cold stratification, I put seeds on a moist paper towel in a plastic bag with a bit of fungicide spray. I have an old small (3 cu. ft.) fridge that I have in one room of the house that is not heated and not cooled. I have the fridge filled with soda pop drinks,  and set so that in the winter time it will not freeze the cans of soda inside it. So the temps in this fridge fluctuates but maintains cool temps. As I recall it was mid summer when I put them in the fridge. I could inspect the seed every time I got me a drink. After several months they started to sprout. I planted them up in sand mixed with some peat and other organic material. I read that they like very acid soil. I also read that they were most difficult to keep over several years. I am down to 7 seedlings I had about twice that number of sprouts. Now they just sit there. I have them outside. They get full morning sun and solid shade from about 11 am to dusk. They do get rained on when it rains here and it has been really wet this spring. They look perfectly healthy but don't want to grow any. They are about 1 cm tall. The temps are getting hot here already had days up to 88+f (31c) here already. 


I live in the humid part of the state so it is both Hot and Humid making it most comforatable inside with the AC on. lol (for those that don't need it AC is Air Conditioning)



Woodville, TX

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