Suggesting use of a Forum was RE: People - please do not reply to "everyone".

Justin Smith
Sat, 30 May 2009 16:17:48 PDT
HI all,


What was said,

> As the list administrator I am puzzled by Justin's email. This list is a 
> forum and it is a place where people can ask questions about bulb related 
> topics. 

> Mary Sue, PBS cat herder, aka List administrator


To clear up your puzzle I only suggested a different type of Forum as merely something to discuss. The "reply all" is a very common mistake on this type of forum. While I don't mind it others don't seem to like it very much at all.  There are other types of forums that are not email based and a default "reply all" is not a cause of grief and aggravation. 


I have found that people are aggravated long before they actually vocalize a complaint. There is also, usually more than one person with the same complaint. To talk about possible solutions even if not acted upon, helps to show the person(s) who is/are aggravated, that someone at least acknowledges their frustration. Their even might be someone willing to offer up one or more different solutions. 




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