Cyrtanthus inaequalis

J.E. Shields
Wed, 18 Nov 2009 08:05:10 PST
Hi all,

I'd appreciate some background information on Cyrtanthus inaequalis.  It is 
listed in "The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs" by Manning, Goldblatt, & 
Snijman, so I assume that it grows in the Cape and is hence a 
winter-growing species.  My bulb is now 8 years old and about 2 inches in 
diameter (more or less), and has not yet bloomed.  I suspect I'm not 
growing it as well as I could.

Advice would be appreciated; remember I'm in central Indiana, where it's 
hot, humid, and often rainy in summer and pretty cold in winter (last 
winter it dropped to -12 F / -23 C at one point).  It stays on the dry side 
in the warm greenhouse (T = 55 to 60 F) in winter and has been outdoors in 
the open in full sun (and rain) in summer.

Should I move it to the cold greenhouse (minimum T just above 32F or 0 C in 
winter, very hot in summer) where my Haemanthus coccineus and H. barkerae 

Jim Shields
in wet and chilly Westfield, Indiana

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