Hardiness of Impatiens speciosa and tinctoria

bonaventure@optonline.net bonaventure@optonline.net
Mon, 23 Nov 2009 15:49:16 PST
I got these two from Annie's Annuals and now in my central coastal New Jersey garden zone 7 the leaves and tops of the stems are frost-mushed. A cap of bubble wrap around and over the remaining basal stems held in place all around by plastic gallon jugs filled with water may protect from winter wet and moderate the temperature so that the tubers survive? 
Imp. omeiana and arguta rootstocks have done so for me, without protection, and of course native capensis and garden variety balsamina reseed yearly prolifically. Now I hope that all the shed seeds from the sapphire-blue namchabarwensis I bought again this year do so also, and all the hybrid cross pollinations I've attempted. I can't wait for spring , its just that I'm impatient (groan).

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