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J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Sat, 28 Nov 2009 08:07:39 PST
My Moraea polystachya have dwindled away over the years.  It's time someone 
with it blooming sent some seeds to the BX again!  Please....

Jim Shields

At 07:41 AM 11/28/2009 -0800, Mary Sue wrote:
>Like Mike Mace I've have Moraea polystachya in bloom. It's been
>blooming since September. It usually gets stopped by the cold and
>rain in late December or early January. Ones I've grown in the ground
>are either gone or staying underground, but the raised beds where I
>grow bulbs in large containers sunk in containers seems to work well
>for them. I think the soil does not dry out quite as much as in the
>ground which seems to suit them.

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