Leo A. Martin
Sun, 22 Nov 2009 07:36:35 PST
Benoit wrote

> I have a little cold greenhouse (18 max, 8 celsius min the
> winter). Recently, i've got several Gethyllis species but
> none begin to grow and i'm a little worried. I have
> received with no root or leaf 10 days ago and placed
> them under turbo neon 8 hours per day. Has someone any
> experience with them to help me?

Hello Benoit,

Did you buy the bulbs from north of the equator or south? Bulbs from north
of the equator should grow now. Bulbs from south of the equator will sleep
for 3-4 months before they grow.

Where do you live in France? Gethyllis grow outside if the temperature is
above 0-5 Centigrade in the day and above -8 to -5 C at night. A
greenhouse with 8C minimum in winter might be too hot.

My Gethyllis are sprouting now in Phoenix. They are outside. Nights are
3-5C and will soon be a little colder. Days are 10-18C.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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