Sun, 29 Nov 2009 12:43:16 PST
In response to this topic, specifically Kathleen's recent request. 

Definitely off-label but uber effective WITH CARE is the following which I have used for some years and found effective assuming one has nerves of steel; 

viz: fill a bowl, Pyrex or similar with luke-warm water say a couple of litres add a tea or table spoon of domestic bleach, amounts vary according to courage, swirl the bulbs around in this for around a minute or so, no longer, drain off, replace with the same or similar volume of luke-warm water, return the bulbs and leave for 5 + minutes to allow the bleach lodged amongst or between the scales to be diluted to the point of nothing almost. Drain off and air dry indoors for however much time is convenient before planting out. This is also especially effective for those scaling bulbs. I can't say what the precise name for this group of domestic products might be in the USA or Canada but one brand name here in Scotland is Domestos.

The outcomes which I have obtained are a total safe kill of eggs of nematodes, slugs, etc, etc, and it is enormously effective for treating grey mould - penicillium sps.

DO NOT USE on seeds, I have never tried it and feel that is even too risky for this reckless old fool.


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