Kenneth Hixson
Fri, 20 Nov 2009 13:57:16 PST
Jim Shields mentioned Crinum, and that brought to mind a question I've 
long wondered:
Has Amaryllis belladonna been crossed with Crinum other than C. moorei? 
  Information varies--for instance:

 > almost all the hybrids have been between Crinum powellii and 
Amaryllis belladonna
 > Amarcrinum traubii is the hybrid obtained by crossing Amaryllis × 
parkeri 'Hathor' × Crinum moorei.
 > states in one spot:
 > Crinum powellii and Amaryllis belladonna. This combination and only 
this particular one - makes A. memoria-corsii.

then a paragraph below states:
 > Amarcrinum memoria-corsii (syn Amarcrinum howardii, Crinodonna corsii)
 > This fabulous garden bulb is the result of the cross of Crinum moorei 
with Amaryllis belladonna.

On another website, it was stated (by Jim Lycos?) that Amarygia was used 
as the (female?)parent.  So, could Amarygia be the pod parent, or could 
Crinum x Powellii be used as the pod (or pollen)parent?  The ones I have 
don't set seed.  Could Crinum bulbispermum be used as the pollen parent? 
  Or, some other Crinum?
	I'm asking if the crosses are possible, not if the name can
be used for the various crosses.  Amaryllis belladonna blooms fairly
late here, and if Crinum bulbispermum would cross with it, earlier
(in the season) flowering might result?


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