Black Friday blooms

James Waddick
Fri, 27 Nov 2009 08:33:30 PST
Dear friends,
	For those readers outside the US and fortunate enough to 
avoid US advertising, today is 'Black Friday' for intense shopping 
and shopper clogged stores.

	The weather here in the central US has continued to be almost 
frost free - no killing freeze, just one light frost and a 
mini-snowfall. So the garden is experiencing a very slow sequence of 
fall weather changes.  Even some potted florist type Geranium 
(Pelargonium) are blooming their heads off in this cool weather.

	Still blooming, although looking really "unhappy" is the 
Narcissus 'Minnow' I  marvelled at its odd bloom appearance on the 
list here weeks ago. Now the flowers are looking very unhappy and 
won't last much longer.

	We happen to be able to 'trial' a new reblooming tall bearded 
iris from the late hybridizer, Lloyd Zurbrigg, called 'Gate of 
Heaven'. It began reblooming in late August an has had from one to 
three flowers per stalk almost continuously since. Right now 3 large 
buds are showing color and with today's forecast over 60 at least one 
should open fully. Going on 3 months of bloom!

	Our earliest to bloom Narcissus has been the N. minor 'Cedric 
Morris' which blooms around the end of Feb or early March regardless 
of snow, ice and low temps. The first flower is just opening now , no 
doubt due to the extended mild temps. Another half dozen flower stems 
are at various stages of development.  Very odd.

	Of course a number of Helleborus species are showing buds 
with color, but these are not geophytes and not that far out of synch.

	A pot of Sprekelia formosanum brought indoors weeks ago and 
kept dry for the winter suddenly sent up a single flower stalk in a 
cool dim basement storage. Also odd timing.

	Even a potted chives in a cold frame has sent up a flower stalk.

	The forecast calls for a hard freeze within a week so some of 
these may come to a major halt soon, but we are enjoying what we can 
while we still have this out-of-season feeling "Green" (not Black) 

		Best to all. 		Jim W.
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