Indian Summer + the last crocus

Mark McDonough
Tue, 10 Nov 2009 15:07:19 PST
Unusually warm here too in Massachusetts near the New Hampshire border, near 70 degrees F yesterday, 64 degrees F today.  Still a few last blooms on Crocus speciosus and asumaniae, but by far the best and most showy has been (and still is) Crocus sativus.  

My corms came from an inexpensive "bag of bulbs" from Home Depot (large home building supply chain store) planted out about 4-5 years ago.  They've been slow to increase, but increase they have.  The very large beautiful flowers are powerfully sweet scented.  Here are two views back in October, and the last two views taken yesterday (Nov. 9, 2009)... this cluster just doesn't want to quit.…………

Mark McDonough
Massachusetts, near the New Hampshire border, USDA Zone 5

PS:  Sternbergia lutea was late this year, but is in perfect bloom right now and the last few days.

"J.E. Shields" <> wrote:
Subject: [pbs] Indian Summer 
After the rain knocked all the colorful leaves off the trees about 10 days 
ago, we've gone into Indian Summer mode.  Yesterday, Sunday, was dry, 
sunny, and warm with temperatures up to 72?F (ca. 22?C) in the 
afternoon.  The weather people are predicting a mild winter in the Midwest 
this year, thanks to the El Ni?o that is stirring the Pacific Ocean.  Maybe 
my greenhouse heating bills will not be as bad as last year! 
The only flower still blooming outdoors is the little clump of Crocus 
cartwrigthianus, which just keeps on going and going! 

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