Black Friday meaning

Justin Smith
Fri, 27 Nov 2009 20:24:50 PST

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For those outside the US I thought I would let you know what Black Friday is. Black Friday is the first day after Thanksgiving. This Friday is economically special in that it is the "Traditional start" to the Christmas shopping season. The term "Black" is taken from the fact that most retail stores operate at a loss through most of the fiscal year and are in the "Red." When shopping starts on Black Friday there is such an increase of sales that the retail stores go from operating in the "Red" (loss) to operating in the "Black" (profits) for the current fiscal year. Hence Black Friday is the most anticipated day in any retail business here in the US. It indicates what the rest of the Christmas shopping season will be like. Though with the internet and the increase in sales specials before Thanksgiving by retailers. Black Friday may loose it's standing as a key indicator of American retail sales.



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