Cinnamon and other fungus remedies

Thu, 26 Nov 2009 19:31:54 PST
Thanks Lou

The Hippeastrums which are in the garden, have been there for some 
years, so must be coping ok regardless of the bit of fungus.  Will 
experiment and see how it all goes in a years time.


Hi Ina,
   Cinnamon is a commonly used fungicide among orchid growers. We use it 
as a dust. In my experience it really works, though I can't say I have 
made controlled scientific tests.
   I am as skeptical of new age nonsense as anyone (probably more 
skeptical). There is nothing unreasonable about expecting tree bark 
derivatives to have antifungal properties. If you live in tropical 
forests, one of the most strikinbg things you can observe is the great 
variation in decay rates of different kinds of wood. Local people are 
well aware of this and use only certain woods for contruction. Those 
woods have real antifungal properties.
    Cinnamon is just one tree derivative with antifungal properties. 
Another is good old aspirin, based on willow trees. Orchid growers have 
found that aspirin reduces mold and fungus when plants are watered with 
a solution of  it. I have found it useful and I have made some small 
tests which suggest it is effective.
   Having said all this, it sounds like you need a serious systemic 
fungicide, and I would be surprised if anything less will help you...

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