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Paul Machado
Fri, 13 Nov 2009 04:43:14 PST

Here'e a copy of the first 6.

From Roy Herold: (SEEDS)
1. Polygonatum falcatum 'Silver Streak' (or 'Silver Stripe' or 'Silver
2. Polygonatum macranthum The most spectacular Solomon's Seal. Long arching
stems nearly 2m long, with big shiny leaves and huge, 5cm long flowers.
3. Polygonatum odoratum 'Red Legs' Originally from Leo Blanchette, his
selection for the reddest stems.
These are redder than any other polygonatum I have encountered, and are
particularly showy this fall as the leaves turn yellow. Very different habit
from the plant offered as P. odoratum 'Variegated', with wider, closer
spaced leaves and more compact.
4. Polygonatum sp. My collection from Yunnan in 1996, but not sure exactly
where (lost the tag...). Sort of like cirrhifolium, but might be something
else. Up to 2m tall but needs some support at this height from a stake or
neighboring shrubs. White flowers, red fruit.
Polygonatum planting instruction from Aaron Floden:
"As far as sowing the seed, what I have done to get the quickest germination
is to set them outside or refrigerate for 40-60 days, take out into 75+
temperatures which will initiate formation of a rhizome, let grow for 60
days (you can fertilize lightly during this time), then acclimate to another
winter temperature. This will shorten the appearance of the first leaf from
two growing seasons to about 9 months.
I did this with several species this past winter and have the first leaves
going dormant now."
5. Arisaema stewardsonii The lumpers put this in with A. triphyllum, but to
me it is a very different plant. The spathe is heavily corrugated, usually
white on green, and it blooms about a month later than regular triphyllum.
This form was found growing wild in North Reading, MA.
6. Glaucidium palmatum Not a bulb, but still worthy of consideration for the
woodland garden.
These seeds are from what I consider to be my best form, with large  5 to 6
inch pale lavender flowers, usually two per stem, and huge leaves nearly a
foot across. Kind of ephemeral so plant now.

All the best,
Paul Machado

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> Hi Dell. Can't find the BX 224  to ID what I ordered.   It seemsto have
> disappeared.  Could it be posted again?  I neeed to ID nos 1, 2, 4, 5, 6,
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