Parallel regions

Kathleen Sayce
Wed, 25 Nov 2009 15:08:55 PST
A book I found helpful in understanding mediterranean climates was  
Oliveri Filippi's The Dry Gardening Handbook: Plants and Practices  
for a Changing Climate. This book discusses all the main  
mediterranean climate regions around the world, biogeography, plus  
plants from each.
Based on this, I took the step of setting up a new bed that gets no  
artificial water, which in my area means no summer water. It's done  
very well in general, though my soil is apparently not well drained  
enough for some winter wet, summer very dry species.
Where locals are sawing up thousands of trees that fell in the last  
storm, temps in the 50s, and no rain or wind today, and I have power  
once again.

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