Sanbi National Red List For South Africa

Christiaan van Schalkwyk
Wed, 18 Nov 2009 12:20:39 PST
Hi all

This list is fairly complete and is sustained by the South African National 
Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), and as such can be seen as the reference for 
any species of South Africa. However newly described taxa are not on it as 
yet, and neither are recent taxonomic changes (eg. Oxalis ericoides, Oxalis 
saltusbelli, Oxalis flava var unifoliata, and the demoting of Oxalis 
fabaefolia to Oxalis flava var fabaefolia to name a few in my area of 

The reference posted by Justin (thanks!) will give you access to a bulky 
list of all the species, and its conservation status, of South African flora 
(not only geophytes), but there is much more info than only that available 
from SANBI.
They have also available a list of names - including synonyms, nomen nudums 
and others, of the species, as well as some detail as to where it grows (or 
where the herbarium specimens were collected). And it is all searcheable.
I normally start at and search 
for the name, eg. genus (Oxalis) or specific species (Oxalis anomala), or 
for the family (Oxalidaceae). You can then access the information on each 
species (including synonyms, previous names, author, etc.) from the results 

And you don't have to download the whole list of the odd 20500 species . . .



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> Hi All,
> I was perusing the web and came across this list. They claim it is a 
> complete assessment of all SA indigenous plant taxa. Dated 03 02 2009. I 
> think that is Feb. 3, 2009 for US in the US. You will need an Exel viewer. 
> Though any list like this would bound to omit some species. I think this 
> is interesting to be able to see a fairly comprehensive list of plants 
> from SA. With a little research maybe you will search this list for some 
> gems that you did not know about and that you just can't live with or 
> without.
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