Parallel regions

Tom Mitchell
Tue, 24 Nov 2009 05:32:09 PST
Lee, if you organise a grant of $10 million and a modest annual  
stipend for me, say 250k, I reckon I could have a working prototype  
in a couple of years.

Alternatively, it's got to be a great project for a PhD student in a  
geography department somewhere...if there are any geography  
departments left.

Thanks for the book reference, which I'll follow up, and the  
intriguing idea regarding discovery of micro zones. A friend and I  
wasted a couple of hours playing with Google Earth earlier this year,  
looking for potentially interesting locations for hardy plants in  
less well travelled parts of Africa. Even this casual search revealed  
that there are some super mountains to be explored in Mozambique,  
Cameroon and across much of North Africa. Plant hunting 21st century  

Best wishes,


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