Want to trade my non bulb seed pod for your bulb pod/bulb/root/corm/tubor/undergroundstorageorgan item thingie

Jim McKenney jimmckenney@jimmckenney.com
Sun, 01 Nov 2009 05:39:39 PST
Justin mentioned Euonymus americanus.

For those of you who don't know it, it is an interesting scrambling shrub
sometimes common in our local woodlands. Its few leaves are widely scattered
on the green-stemmed branches. 

It gets one of its common names, hearts-a-busting, from the very ornamental
fruits: orange, knobby exterior from which hand bright red seeds. It's a
striking plant when in fruit, and mostly ignored and unknown in gardens. 

If a dedicated breeder could produce a compact growing form which fruited
freely, it would no doubt become very popular. 

Jim McKenney

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