Begonia sutherlandii

Jim McKenney
Thu, 19 Nov 2009 14:16:35 PST
Are any of you who garden on the East Coast growing Begonia sutherlandii as
a garden plant? 


The greater Washington, D.C. area must be on the borderline of the areas
where it is possible to grow this plant as a garden perennial. I’ve failed
to site it successfully several times, yet I hear reports from gardeners a
bit east of here that it survives from year to year in their gardens. This
is a short species, as I know it under a foot tall, which produces loads of
bright orange flowers in late summer. 


I have been able to bring plants through our winters by planting them
against the house wall. But such plants then sprout in the spring in the
rain shadow of the eaves, and unless I move them into moister positions,
they do nothing. 


This species produces little stem corms at the bases of the petioles
somewhat in the fashion of Begonia grandis, although the corms of Begonia
sutherlandii are much smaller. A friend who has grown this species for many
years as a house plant which goes outside during the summer now has a nice
pot full of stems with plenty of little corms in evidence. I’m going to try


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