Gethyllis and otehr question (scadoxus)
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Scadoxus cinnabarinus seems to be a slow growing species certainly in the UK It is best to give this species at least a little warmth during the colder months and reduce watering a bit
Scadoxus nutans is much quicker growing and can reach flowering size in about 4 years from seed S. nutans is mainly epiphytic in habitat and enjoys plenty of moisture during growth where when happy will produce lots of stoloniferous shoots In habitat the flowering period for this is from Novbember to Feb which is relatively dry in comparison to the summer wet season in SW Ethiopia All My Scadoxus are given a similar soil mix which has a good leaf content and plenty of grit added to ensure good drainage 

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Hello everybody,
Thank you for the various advices; I live in western center of France (Zone 8, very close to Zone 9) but the weather are wet all the year...i have put the bulbs in very light soil (pumice, pouzzolane, river sand, very little organic soil). I will be patient and let you know when the leafs come ;)
I have another question; i collect species haemanthus and scadoxus and I recently obtained a young scadoxus nutants and a big scadoxus cinnabarinus. The last one, after 2 months, finally made a small leaf. I would like some tips on growing these two uncommon species.

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