: Introduction and question about Gethyllis

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Sun, 15 Nov 2009 15:57:12 PST
 Hello Benoit,

Welcome to the group... I am french as well and I am living in Provence.
I also have interest for RSA bulbs but only to species that I can grow outdoor in my garden.
I don't have any experience of Gethyllis but I am very sure that somebody here will very soon contribute and answer your bost...

Best wishes,



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Sujet : [pbs] Introduction and question about Gethyllis

Dear all,
I'm a new member and come from France...and as all french people, i have some 
trouble with foreign language, so, thank you for forgiving. I collect 
sud-african bulbous (Lachenalia, Boophone, Hamenathus, scadoxus, Ferraria, etc) 
for several years. I have a little cold greenhouse (18m², 8° celsius min the 
winter).Recently, i've got several Gethyllis species but none begin to grow and 
i'm a little worried. I have received with no root or leaf 10 days ago and 
placed them under turbo neon 8 hours per day. Has someone any experience with 
them to help me ?
Best regards,Benoit                       
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