Mediterranean and Kazakh seed lists

Jane McGary
Wed, 04 Nov 2009 10:12:30 PST
David Victor wrote,
I thought that members would like to know that there is a new seed
>source in the UK with a wealth of originally wild-collected
>seed.  The list is run by a very knowledgeable grower, Kurt Vickery,
>and is based around a combination of his material and that of Mike
>Salmon, whose plant collection he has helped maintain for several
>years:  Mike collected for nearly forty years around the
>Mediterranean and has extensive collections of the main genera.  Many
>of you will have known of him before he retired when he operated as
>Monocot Nursery.

Hurrah! I grew a great many plants from Mike Salmon's seed list and 
also purchased a few bulbs from him over the years, and it's 
wonderful that this material is available again.

Jane McGary

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