Iris unguicularis

Fri, 20 Nov 2009 23:04:48 PST
Dear all,
 This species is  a very typical mediterranean plant.  Does not appreciate 
water during the summer. No mulching with organic material, which can 
causing rotting during the summer. For esthetic reasons cuting down the 
leaves to 20cm high (8") during August is recommended, which will make it 
tidy and the flowers will be more visible (although less protected). New 
shoots re appear  during September-Ôctobre, which is the best time to 
divide and transplant. Earlier will cause an unestablished plant will resist 
to summer drought.(and dos not tolerate watering)
I hope this helps
Lauw de Jager
 South of France

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 Kathleen will need to come to Northern 
California some summer for a visit and help divide it. 

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