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Sun, 29 Nov 2009 15:36:02 PST
My goodness Adam.  I can buy it at $19.90 per kilo at the Indian shop, 
where they sell all things Indian in bulk. As our money is worth less 
than yours, it would make it about $14 or so I think.

Is an avoirdupois ounce 30gms?


   "with powdered cinnamon at about $5.00 an avoirdupois ounce here in
the U.S.

For limited applications, pehaps worth it."

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> Still on the cinnamon trail, I have a dwarf peach tree which has curly
> leaf badly.  So I sprinkled cinnamon on all the growing tips and
> generally.  All new growth is healthy, while a friend who has the same
> peach tree, without cinnamon treatment, all her new growth is infected.
> Ina Auckland New Zealand
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