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Floral Architecture
Fri, 27 Nov 2009 14:14:49 PST
As a person who is in the retail florist trade, I can tell you what I mormally offer to onsite customers this time of year. The big push is for 3 main plants, poinsettias, cyclamen, and amarylllis. The other items that will be offered are paperwhite narcissus, florist azaleas, "Diamond Frost" Euphorbia, 'Kent's Beauty' oregano (really a hot seller), kalanchoes, and of course hydrangeas. 
My department is outdoors so everything has to be a winter bloomer. 
At home, my garden (all potted plants on my door step) has new Cyclamen for Christmas and ivy geraniums (never out of bloom here). 
At the growing grounds, I have buds coming on the early cymbidiums, Veltheimia 'Lemon Flame' has spikes, and there are still some Sinningias going to town. Some of the Sinns are on their 3rd flush. 
THen there are a few random blooms on Sprekelia, Cyrtanthus mackenii hybrids, Cyrt breviflora just finished, Ipheions are just starting, Hipp mandonii pushed out a late scape that is finishing up and there are ripe seed pods from all the rain lilies flowers that finished not so long ago. Oh yeah, and some Oxalis blooms from bulbs that I got from an old BX years ago from Andrew someone. 
And there isn't a day that there isn't a Clivia in bloom somewhere. 
John Ingram in Camarillo, CA, between Santa Barbara and L.A. "Your Clivia Connection"
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