Use of Roundup
Fri, 02 Oct 2009 12:45:29 PDT
Whether using the product under that trade name, and there are others one of which I use for weed control on paths but not in the gardens which are run organically, it is important...immensely important.... to remember that this weed killer is what is known as a systemic weedkiller therefore its use as e.g. Jane has pointed out requires the plants you wish to be dead to be actively photosynthesising i.e. green! The chemical acts, sometimes painfully slowly before you can be sure its working by translocation via the weed foliage down into the plants system i.e. roots where it does its business through cutting off the plants ability to photosynthesise on the above ground parts.

Use of this product is effective best from Spring through Summer to Autumn unless you live in substropical regions outwith Temperate or Boreal seasonal growth patterns when it may be used presumably all year around. Providing the bulbs or corms are not showing any foliage above ground it is perfectly safe to spray across their dormant positions, just make sure there are no residual leaf matter showing up as occasionally happens with late starters amongst a collection growing out of sync in which case either remove that foliage or cover it up with a mulch as Jane uses or perhaps an upturned pot which I occassionally have to resort to here.

It is IMPERATIVE that when spraying you are certain you will have at least two hours post spraying before it rains otherwise the product runs off despite having a wetting agent incorporated into it. In the event of a 'mistake' where a plant is accidentally sprayed don't panic, just stop for a few moments and wipe the exposed foliage down with fresh water, really well wipe it down, or in extremise cut off the foliage to stop translocation down to the root system if that's possible, if left for more than an hour you will be in some difficulty, or rather your plant will !  Best not to spray if there is any wind that might cause drift, the spray nozzles are designed to produce a fine aerosol and the product will travel further than you imagine, which is another of the reasons that we never use it anywhere except on paths or roads and our car park area.


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