Lilium 'Red Tiger'

Jim McKenney
Fri, 09 Oct 2009 15:40:09 PDT
Ken mentioned the lily Red Tiger. 


As he noted, there are problems with this name. The lily register lists two
lilies with this name. 


One is an old Stone and Payne hybrid from 1967. In the registry it is given
a bloom time of August. I’m mentioning the bloom time because this one
probably does have Lilium lancifolium (Lilium lancifolium in the sense
triploid tiger lily) in its background. I remember growing this lily long
ago, and it’s a handsome garden plant. But the red color was the red typical
of so many lilies of that time – it’s the vaguely muddy red you get when you
cross a lily with anthocyanin color with a lily with xanthin yellows. I
would appreciate hearing in a private response to this post from anyone who
still grows this plant.


The other Red Tiger, about which I know nothing from personal experience,
dates from 1963. The parentage reported is unlikely (it is said to be a
hybrid of ‘Maxwill’  and Lilium regale among others); the proper name for
this one is ‘Red Fox’ . Can anyone tell me if this lily still exists? 


I have a hunch that the Red Tiger of contemporary catalogs is apt to be
whatever recurved, out- or downfacing red lily is in good supply.    


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