colchicum byzantinum & friends
Tue, 06 Oct 2009 07:49:38 PDT

???? The English friend who sent me Colchicum ' Pink Star' got his corms from the National Collection at Feldrigg Hall and said he was told there that 'Pink Star'? was the best of the clones that circulate as C. laetum Hort.? I would certainly agree with that.

???? For those wondering what C. laetum Hort looks like I believe there is a colored photo in the Phillips and Rix Bulb Book and an older B & W, which is very clear, ?photo by Richard Nutt in one of the Scottish Rock Garden Society bulletins ( can get the volumn and page if anyone is interested).

???? I've never seen any seed set on these plants so I am sceptical of the identification with Colchicum decaisnei, an attributation that goes back over many years.

???? Hopefully Chris Brickell will eventually publish his horticultural monograph of colchicums and Karen Pearson at the Gothenberg BC will summarize her extensive work in a comprehensive paper.

J. John Flintoff

Lake Forest Park, WA, USA

Zone 8

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