Use of Roundup

Fri, 02 Oct 2009 13:47:26 PDT
I am fascinated to see all the messages about oxalis, as the one we have 
here is a dreadful weed, multiplies by seed, runners, bulbs, any way at 
all.  I once tried a supposed garden one in a pot and was glad I had 
done so, as it also multiplied madly, so at least could get rid of it.

There was a lot of oxalis weed here in the garden when I came here in 
2000.  First removed every little tuber, bulb by digging over the garden 
I wanted to develop, then sprayed with Roundup in a strong mix, and from 
there on planted plants, hand painting any oxalis which came up (with a 
very useful little applicator bottle which I saved from the Frend stain 
remover  ;o) which meant no overlap on to anything else.)

I have not had anything else affected by the Roundup that way.

However, having said that, I see that Dell mentions the effect it has on 
amphibians, and I never thought of that as I also encourage frogs.  What 
will kill kikuya grass and not affect frogs???

Ina Crossley

Auckland New Zealand

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